Why Don’t We Eat Fruits and Veggies?

A poll I came across in USA Today asked 1300 adults “why we don’t fill half our plates with fruits and vegetables,” per the new MyPlate recommendations. Reasons listed are:

  • They are too expensive (30%)
  • They don’t pair well with some meals (27%)
  • Half a plateful is too much (21%)
  • They aren’t always served (21%)
Girl Disliking Salad

Do you ever feel like this? Copyright 2010 Aldo Murillo

While I do fear government overlords, I actually love the new “plate” model, which is a huge improvement over the food pyramid. Because the only actual pyramid shape I find in our kitchen is what happens when the dirty dishes creep towards the ceiling on a week when I’m watching too much baseball. Visualizing the amount of space on a plate, now that kind of  works.

So the survey here poses a great question, and I’m glad they asked. But there are *major* answers missing. Are these really the only big reasons people don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables? I know you can think of more, and I don’t want to bias or ruin it by filling in the blanks myself. Feel free to rant a little if you want, get it all out, it’s therapeudic. Because there are many reasons why this is a challenge.

It’s like Family Feud really, which by the way is occasionally awesome as this 2 minute video proves. So, Internet family…what are the reasons you, kids, or people in general, don’t eat 50% fruits and veggies?

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5 comments on “Why Don’t We Eat Fruits and Veggies?
  1. Avatar photo Ryan says:

    GREAT comments, mostly on facebook, so I will summarize here. Thanks for the discussion everyone!
    -prep time (more than a bag of chips)
    -not as satisfying
    -we don’t make them tasty enough (oil, flavorings)
    -expensive if left on plate
    -less calories per dollar
    -influence of attitudes of others
    -meat- and starch-heavy habits and traditions

  2. I use the two ice cream bucket method myself because I love veggies & dip or stir fry or salads even. I buy fresh & spend time cutting & cleaning. I think people will eat more fruits & veggies if they’re ready now, like junk food. I fill one bucket with hard veggies like cauliflower, carrots, broccoli etc & one I fill with leafy & tender veggies like cut peppers, grape tomatoes etc. Put a double layer of paper toweling in the bottom & things will last longer too. Dip is usually hummus. I can grab a handful or two as salad or stir fry without prep time or waiting when I’m hungry. Kids love veggies & dip for dinner with grilled meat, fish or sausage. I mash potatoes with cauliflower or turnips & carrots to get extras. We call them ‘Confetti Spuds’. I throw mixed frozen veggies into chili & shepherd’s pie. We make Hamburger soup with all the veggies in the fridge! Same with spaghetti sauce – it all goes in. Getting your veggies is easy if you get used to throwing in a handful everywhere. The problem isn’t that the ‘kids won’t eat them’ or ‘they’re too expensive’ it’s that we like convenience foods too much. And the kids aren’t fed veggies often enough. If they grow up with parents who eat a lot of veggies or with veggies in everything, it isn’t an issue. Parents seem to be too fussy themselves & expect the kids to be different.

  3. Tamara says:

    I have two reasons for not eating many, and I’m sure they’re at the top of the list for many others:

    1. Unlike packaged foods, fruits and vegetables don’t have expiration dates, and have to be prepared “just so.” If you don’t wash it correctly, or if it was “rotten” when you bought it, then you could get really sick. People hear about it all the time on the news. It’s “safer” to stick to what others have prepared.

    2. How do you tell when an apple has gone bad? Broccoli? Pre-cut fruit is only good for a couple of days; those that can only make it to the grocery store once per paycheck aren’t going to have fresh fruit available all the time.

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