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Father of three in Portland Oregon, doing everything I can to build healthy bodies and habits for life, in my very lovable little opinionators. Am a big fan of food science, vegetables, and long walks on the beach. Pet peeves are chemicals, critiques made before tasting, and anything with too many steps or ingredients. Life moves fast these days.

Food is hard. Kids are picky. But cooking real food in the midst of a crazy week is not impossible.

Don’t give up – drop the freezer pizza and the value menu, and join me in the fight against vegetablessness!

15 comments on “About Me
  1. Linda Kresl says:

    I cannot believe you have the brown butter popcorn recipe!!! My mom called it the brown butter popcorn because we always cooked it a little too long!!!! I am definitely making it for my kids tonight! You have a great site here Ryan!!!

    • Avatar photo Ryan says:

      Great to see you here Linda – it’s very tasty (better with 4T butter not 3) and isn’t it great how marvelous some accidents can be? Let me know how it comes out for you!

  2. This is fantastic! I had no idea you had a blog/website!

  3. Winston says:

    Hi, Ryan. Really lovin’ your food philosophy. It’s great to see a Dad looking after their family’s diet as much as you do. It’s really inspiring and I’m sure your kids will appreciate what you’re doing for them. After watching Jamie Oliver’s talk on ted.com, I’ve become more inspired to eat healthy so you can count me in your fight to battle vegetablessness! Really great reading about how you make your kids the centre of all your cooking. Down to taste and presentation. Great stuff. Keep it up mate!!

  4. Chelle Caldwell says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I really enjoy your website. It is fabulous! I am reaching out and networking trying to find out about the field. I work in the engineering field and I want out…my passion is food styling / food photography. I still have a lot to learn…Just so you know, I do have a picky eater…your ideas a great!
    Hope to chat soon.

    • Avatar photo Ryan says:

      Thanks Chelle! I look forward to connecting more with you. (I’m in engineering too.) Good luck with your picky eater, I will keep the ideas coming – please tell me what works!

  5. Pamela R says:

    Stopping in with vB
    I love the food for the fast family!! THAT MINE FOR SURE! The one this we do slow down for is a GOOD homecooked meal =) Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  6. Wlamir Mello says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Besides being a good friend, we know you are a great father and your health food and cooking philosophy is what the kids need to grow healthy and conscious of good habits for a lifetime.

    My wife and I share your philosophy and we try hard to have our kids very well fed with very healthy food.

    Your blog about good cooking and recipes for today’s fast paced families is certainly going to help us keep our family health!

    Congratulations on your hard work and health insights.

    All the best,

    Wlamir Mello

    • Avatar photo Ryan says:


      Kind words! We’ve really enjoyed getting to know your growing young family, and I’m so glad the blog is helpful to you. I think we should discuss it further over barbecue, as soon as the sun comes out around here. Sound good?

  7. Nice to meet you Ryan. You have a lovely space – I am going to be a frequent visitor here πŸ™‚
    Thanks for following me on Twitter.

  8. Vicki says:

    What a very pleasant surprise – to find your blog and discover the personality that was so hidden in Glenview.

    • Avatar photo Ryan says:

      Thanks Vicki! I was pretty busy in high school – didn’t realize I had blogging or television in my future at that point! Thanks for stopping by here, great to hear from you.

  9. christine hornhiot says:


    I noticed that you shared http://time.com/3840073/gmo-food-charts/

    I thought it was pretty great myself and it gave me some inspiration in creating something similar the other day: http://brightmags.com/does-organic-mean-non-gmo/

    Just wanted to give you a heads up about it πŸ™‚

    If, you think it is good enough, can i request you to pls share it with your followers.


  10. Jovalynn Castillo says:

    I love rock candy Just saying. πŸ™‚

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