Living Upside Down: Are We Celebrating Birthdays, Anniversaries, or Australia Day?

Cake Pop Birthday Photo: It doesn't feel like my daughter's birthday. It feels like the 8th anniversary of a completely. Different. Life. Happy Birthday my love.

It’s hard to put into words what they mean to me, so I put it in pictures. I’m still “processing” the food photography workshop at last year’s International Food Bloggers’ Conference, and can’t wait for this year’s in Seattle.

Eight years ago my life turned upside down. And starting today the Spinning Meals app can turn upside down as well, which is really important for some people.

Most of you know personally how different life becomes when a child enters. They come into this world needing…everything. Needing to be taught…everything. And bearing great joy and meaning. The journey has been a kick in the pants, though every so often it feels like a kick in the teeth, because it can be so. Darn. Hard.

Two of my kids had birthdays this month. One wanted cake pops, which led to this fun photo. It took a bit of fiddling with lighting effects, but was worth it I think. Fun, right?

We’ve also been fiddling with the app, turning it upside down so to speak. See, the app thinks it’s pretty smart since it knows when winter is, and can automatically make a meal plan and shopping list at the right time of year. Except when it’s the wrong time of year, since south of the Equator it’s actually summer. Case in point: today’s Australia Day holiday, filled with summer barbecue and fireworks, a lot like our July 4th from what I understand. So our latest version lets users enable a Southern Hemisphere mode, to flip things upside down. Or right-way up, depending on your perspective, perhaps the Northerners have had it wrong all along.

So please enjoy the new version of Spinning Meals. And welcome to the world of automatic seasonal meal planning, to the good folks of: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa (not just the country), Argentina, Chile, and countless others. I want to visit every one, truly. But right now I have kids to attend to, as my world is kind of upside down.

What location in the Southern Hemi do you most want to visit? Or if you’re there or have  already had first-hand experience, what are your favorites?

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