Spinning Meals App Free For Mother’s Day Weekend

Mothers Day Free Weekend

This word cloud is built from the titles of all the App Store reviews to date.

The Spinning Meals meal planning and shopping list app has been live for nearly two months now, and it’s been extremely gratifying to hear from the many people who love the Spinning Meals App. Our mention in the New York Times was nice, and being on eHow’s 12 Great Apps for Moms list was a great honor. But the best part has been the user emails, tweets, and reviews saying things like, this app…

  • saved my marriage (seriously – read it on the App Store)
  • does exactly what it promises to do
  • is a genuinely clever idea and nicely executed
  • anticipated things I hadn’t dreamed I needed, but love
  • makes meal planning fun

…and so on. So to give back, generate some buzz, and show moms and families everywhere that we appreciate all that they do, we’ve decided to make Spinning Meals free for two days only, Saturday and Sunday May 12-13.

So please spread the word, give it a spin, and send us your own impressions. And please make sure you’ve read my short post on why moms and their “invisible,” sometimes painfully repetitive daily labors create exactly what our kids need to thrive:

As The World Turns So Do Mothers Everywhere

Happy Spinning, and Happy Mother’s Day!


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6 comments on “Spinning Meals App Free For Mother’s Day Weekend
  1. karen says:

    This is great… except I don’t have an iphone. Will be available on the droid any time soon? Thanks!

    • Avatar photo Ryan says:

      Hi Karen, thanks for asking! We’re working towards having a Droid offering, but don’t have a target date yet. If you’d like I can add you to the list to be notified when that’s available.


  2. Cathy says:

    Me too…Android! App sounds great, wish I could try it!

  3. Rachel says:


  4. So. Yesterday I just happened to be browsing the App Store in search of an app to help me plan meals. And, I just happened to land on your app. When I saw that it was free for Mother’s Day weekend, I jumped on it. Because I’m a mom. And who doesn’t love free stuff – especially if it makes me look like a genius in the kitchen!

    LOVE your app!!! I’m telling all my friends about it via Facebook and my blog.

    Continued success to you. I’m a new fan. 🙂

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