Announcing a Game-Changer for the Family Table: Spinning Meals iPhone App


Spinning Plates Announces A Deliciously Brilliant Meal Planning App For Busy Families

Portland, OR – March 14, 2012
Saving Family Dinners, One Meal at a Time

We all know that meal planning is a great approach to groceries, but it requires time spent in advance each week. Until now…

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Spinning Plates LLC is proud to release Spinning Meals for iOS. Spinning Meals is the only iPhone app that automatically plans your weekly meal schedule for you, based on your own recipes and preferences. Make healthier choices and save time and money by taking the headache out of weekly meal planning.

Create an entire week’s meal schedule with a simple “spin,” based on users’ individual tastes and preferences and randomly generated using a patent-pending planning engine. The app even automatically generates a shopping list to make sure you have all the ingredients you need to make tasty, nutritious meals for the whole family.

Spinning Meals is a powerful resource with an intuitive design that goes to work for users – saving them time and money. This leaves parents free to do what their iPhone cannot (ie, cooking dinner and guiding their children into healthy eating habits). For a comprehensive list of features, see the trailer above.

Supports Seasonal Eating

Spinning Meals eliminates the up-front time burden of weekly meal planning. Families spend more time cooking and eating rather than filling out a worksheet and re-writing as a shopping list. Seasonal meal designations allow users to pick up their favorite produce at peak times, when local organic offerings are more available and prices are low.

Make It Yours

Designed to fit each family like a glove, we know that everyone’s diet and schedule is different. Configure planning capabilities day-by-day, adjusting time limits to shift longer meals to the weekends, or toggling planning on or off for any day or meal of the week. Parents can capture the recipes that work for them, and tell the app how and when their family eats them. The planning engine does the rest, avoiding repetition and introducing variety that still fits your parameters.

What’s Cooking?

The iOS launch is only the beginning of Spinning Meals. The Spinning Cook is hard at work already cooking up incredible updates to the app which will include, among other things, the ability to easily capture and integrate recipes from websites into their personalized schedule. Spinning Meals will be launching on additional platforms soon.


iTunes URL: Get the app here.

YouTube Trailer: Go here to see the trailer or click the graphic above.

For more about Spinning Meals iPhone app for iOS, please visit the Facebook page, web page, or my ever-expanding and entertaining food blog.




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Spinning Plates, LLC was started by a foodie and family man. Ryan Smith is a freelance food writer with a background in technology and consumer products who currently works at NIKE, Inc. He blogs about family cooking and the challenge and importance of healthy eating on his blog, The Spinning Cook. He lives with his wife, three kids, and an Australian Shepherd in the local seasonal food haven of Portland, Oregon. Spinning Plates, LLC developed Spinning Meals in partnership with Polanco Media and Crysp Creative.

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3 comments on “Announcing a Game-Changer for the Family Table: Spinning Meals iPhone App
  1. Janey B says:

    I am trying to enter new recipes and am frustrated that the active area of the screen scrolls up out of site while I type. I am hoping that this is fixed soon as I don’t want to enter anymore new recipes with the current functionality.

    • Avatar photo Ryan says:

      Hi Janey, thanks for reporting this one and touching base. We’ve been working on it and while it would seem like a simple fix we weren’t able to figure out why this is happening on some phones. Please stay tuned and we will have more information for you very shortly!


  2. Sean says:

    Hey Ryan,
    I saw your app on appcelerator’s newsletter. I am a developer and had a similar idea. I’ve got tons of ideas. And, the food app is not one that I’m going to pursue. So, I figured I’d tell you about the idea and maybe you can use it! I have not used your app so I couldn’t say if this idea is or is not already in your current release.
    So, the idea is to include sku scanning, with a function like Red Laser ( With that, you can scan all the ingredients in your pantry, and the app would suggest a number of recipes that you can make without having to hit the grocery store. It could go further than that, by removing ingredients you already have in your pantry from shopping lists for your planned meals.

    Cheers! And, good luck with the app!


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