What Does “Spinning” Mean in The Spinning Cook?

I’m so glad you asked. To me it’s three things: a bad state of crazy, a good state of flow, and the process to get there.

Struggles feel like spinning

On bad parenting days I feel dizzy and disoriented, bored of the repetition, tired of the speed and incessancy of needs and requests, and dying for a break.

The other day my six-year-old described an illness as feeling “wobbly,” which is another way of saying “spinning wrong.” Food-wise, on a bad day I’m bracing myself for bad alternatives like: (1) whining if I cook something new, (2) boredom if it’s mac and cheese again, or (3) guilt if I break down and make chocolate chip pancakes for dinner. Being The Spinning Cook is acknowledging the struggle, trying to claw out of it, and promising not to not take myself too seriously.

Victories feel like spinning

The other side of this coin is life in a groove. That same repetition is a chance to get it right, make every turn more practiced, more dialed.

Spinning Girl

In terms of dinner, great execution for me used to be about long lists of ingredients and Bon Appetit cover recipes. These days it’s mostly about speed, nutrition, and whether they actually eat the stuff. These are the recipes and techniques I can’t wait to share, and which I hope will work at your place too.

Spinning new thoughts

“Spinning” is lastly about the thought process of improving, letting the gears spin on problems until answers appear. The strength of blogs is the interaction, the group think. I’m looking forward to lots of two-way sharing ideas and issues, all towards the goal of less wobble and more flow.

So I’ve tried to explain the brand. Does it make sense? It’s not self-evident, but hopefully a bit curious/intriguing at first impression. Do you like it? When have you felt in the groove or sick of the merry-go-round? Please tell me in the comments.

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3 comments on “What Does “Spinning” Mean in The Spinning Cook?
  1. Mark Cole says:

    One word, Ryan: “GO.”

  2. Danielle says:

    Now that I am a working mom, I can relate even more. Looking forward to some QUICK meals that don’t include hotdogs and cream of mushroom soup. Can’t wait to read more!

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