Cooking With Numbers: Celebrate 11/11/11 With Food

Pancakes in 11

Serve up a “prime” breakfast on 11-11-11 (cornmeal pancakes)

Tomorrow is a double holiday, a big one. Veterans Day is important enough, but add in “11/11/11” and we have something that doesn’t come around every year. The amount of significance you place on tomorrow’s numeric “holiday” may depend on how much you relate to the character of Sheldon Cooper on the Big Bang Theory.  As you may know from my first ever post I am in fact a fan of math, and how it sometimes applies to food.

Regardless of how you feel about six numeral uno’s in the date, you must admit that: (x) it only happens once a century, and (y) kids may think it’s fun, and it may create a family memory and/or teach something about math.

Cooking With Numbers

So how about livening up the menu with a truckload of elevens and ones. Here are some ideas for cooking with numbers. I’d love it if you’ll tell me in the comments your own plans and ideas (ask your kids too), and which are your favorite.

  • pancake strips
  • carrot sticks
  • celery sticks
  • my pan-seared green beans recipe
  • pretzel sticks
  • pizza bread sticks
  • string cheese (which can make infinite 1’s)
  • french fries
  • sweet potato fries
  • “prime” rib (11 is prime)
  •  julienned (matchstick-cut) vegetables, would be great as a coleslaw
  • anything with toothpicks
  • hot dogs
  • sausages
  • biscuits cut into strips or with a number 1-shaped cookie cutter
  • cookie bars in strips
  • sugar cookies with a 1-shaped cookie cutter
  • anything in the quantity of eleven
  • anything on skewers, like chicken satay or shish kebab
  • any of the above, at 11 o’clock (meal known as elevenses)
  • any of the above, at 11:11

Thank you to my friends who helped me brainstorm, and to those who post below. And please thank a veteran. More than one, actually – how about 11?

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7 comments on “Cooking With Numbers: Celebrate 11/11/11 With Food
  1. And you can serve 3 pairs of [chicken] drumsticks on 11/11/11 in honor of Britain’s Loudest Band! Kids learn math AND history this way.

  2. Kati @ Around the Plate says:

    What a cute idea! I think my kiddos will love this.

  3. nancy says:

    we are having ourselves an 11/11/11 party with veggies and dip/humous, cheese cut in sticks, chips and sausages, chocolate fingers, popcicles, and a beet salad, beets cut into little elevens 🙂

  4. Emily says:

    1. I LOVE Sheldon Cooper. He makes me laugh out loud harder than almost any other television character ever.

    2. We did pizza and sliced it into strips instead of triangles (much like the straight pancake bites). It was perfect! I love all your ideas. I have no idea what on earth to do with 12/12/12 next year, though… not much in life comes naturally 12-shaped. Hm…

    • Avatar photo Ryan says:

      Thanks Emily – we are big Sheldon fans here too. You are right, 12 is tough. Maybe we can focus on things that come in dozens? Or since it’s so very divisible, an assortment of all the divisors 1, 2, 3, 4, 6? OK, starting to sound like Sheldon now so I’m gonna stop myself. ;^)

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