Posting New Recipes from the Spinning Meals App

New Recipes From App CollageThis week I am posting a number of recipes which are already available in the Spinning Meals app, and which you’ve probably seen and/or cooked if you’ve downloaded it. I’ll be posting each of the app’s recipes online, to enable a new feature: the ability to post recipe links to Facebook or Twitter from the app (as in, “I’m getting ready to make…”).

As a blogger it’s important to me that recipe providers get credit for what they publish. That’s why the Internet recipe capture feature in the app records the web address where the recipe was retrieved, and will use this to post a link back to the original site when you share favorite recipes with your friends. The Internet recipe capture feature isn’t about “running off with” someone’s recipes, it’s about keeping a digital personal use copy just like a website print-out you keep at home, and giving that website credit when you share what you like. So forgive me for the “barrage” of new recipes, and stay tuned for a great new update coming very soon. Happy Spinning!


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