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Spinning Meals App: Big Announcement and a Stunning Coincidence

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Tomorrow my blog makes its biggest splash to date: I’m launching the Spinning Meals App! A good one, carefully crafted for busy families who eat. You’re going to love it, but first let me tell you how it came about.

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Quick Cooking Techniques: Speed In The Kitchen – What Does Fast Mean To You?

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Quick Cooking Techniques   Coming soon are posts on being extremely fast with food. Kitchen speed is hugely important because: (a) if this blog helps you make food much faster you can read every post and that time will “pay”

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Simpsons Foodie Episode and Making Food Fun

The Simpsons Foodie Episode: The Food Wife The Simpsons foodie episode aired last night called “The Food Wife,” and it was a doozy. Marge, Bart, and Lisa start a food blog, providing ample opportunity for jabs at food personalities, food

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Why Don’t We Eat Fruits and Veggies?

A poll I came across in USA Today asked 1300 adults “why we don’t fill half our plates with fruits and vegetables,” per the new MyPlate recommendations. Reasons listed are: They are too expensive (30%) They don’t pair well with

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Juicy Posts 1: Jumping Into Juice

Last week, in need of an immediate health boost (long story) we finally got into juicing as we’ve been planning for awhile. Why? Vegetables are good Obviously. Let’s shift the balance. Fruit too. Raw is good Sometimes the best cooking

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